The Village Idiots Cycling Club is organized through an Executive Board of Officers which consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. In addition advisors are invited from each of the group ride leaders and race teams. There are  additional sub-planning committees as need to assist with Uniform details, Ride Routes, Volunteering, Race promotion, Fund Raising, and Media.  Decisions regarding the direction of the Club will be made by the Executive board and sub-committee members, with the option to put forth a vote to all members. Officers will be elected on a yearly basis. The Officers  are:

2020 Executive Board

Dawn Zielinski – President
Lisa Michel – Vice President
Stephanie Goble – Secretary
Jim Basch – Treasurer

Gio DeCastro – Social Director
Anthony Terzigny – Race Director
Alejandro Rodriguez – Social Media
Bill Schmidt – MTB
Shannon Litzell _ Ride Leader
Kevin Publicover – Ride Leader

2019 Executive Board

President:  Dr. Carlos Borge
Vice President: Dr. Steve Lipman
Treasurer: Jim Basch
Secretary: Dr. Edgardo Aponte

Social Director: Dawn Zielinski
Ride Director: Bill Schmidt
Race Director: Anthony Terzigni

2018 Executive Board

President:  Paul Troyer
Vice President: Michael Brown
Treasurer: Jim Basch
Secretary: Kate Traugott


Member Director: Wendy Abner
Social Director: Dawn Zielinski
Ride Director: Dr. Steve Lipman

2017 Executive Board

President:  Jeff Adams
Vice President: Dr. Edgardo Aponte / Bryan Balak
Treasurer: Jim Basch
Secretary: Erin Womack / Paul Troyer


Member Benefits Director: Bryan Balak
Social Director: Yanaris Avellanet
Clothier Director: Mike Whincup
Ride Director: Heidi Habhegger