Dawn Zielinski


Favorite bike quote: “Life is a beautiful ride” Dawn began riding with the Village Idiots in 2014. This introduced her to other cycling sports – mountain biking and CX. Dawn has competed in sprint triathlons, CX races, Mountain bike races and Xterra triathlons. She became the social director of VI in 2015 and held that post for 3 years. As president, she hopes to continue the VI spirit with fun, safe cycling and camaraderie. Dawn is excited to partner with knowledgeable cyclists to bring clinics, rides, and leadership. FBA Certified Ride Leader/Ride Marshall SafeSport Trained

Meredith Smith


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
by Albert Einstein.



Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
by Albert Einstein.

Ride Director


"Life is like riding a bike. "
1. You are going to hit some bumps and potholes. Hold on and Keep pedaling.
2. Keep your Balance. All things in life , in moderation.
3. You can only Pedal Forwards.
Can only live in the present, learn and grow from the past. And look to the Hope in the Future.

Hector Cora

Member At Large

Think, Move and Conquer!

I can do it in Excellence!

Antonio Ferracini

Membership Director

Antonio has been riding bicycles since the age of three. Originally farom South Africa, Antonio was a BMX champion at an early age and then progressed on to road racing which was way more demanding, but having a dad that raced with top level SA pros, he had a good coach. Having lived on five continents, he has ridden in many beautiful locations around the world and decided to declare Florida his home in 2003, (is there any other better location for year round cycling?).

Bonnie Hammer

Media Director

Favorite bike quote: “Its cheaper than a shrink” & “The wind is never at your back, it’s in your face or you’re having a good day”. Bonnie began cycling in 1996 & 1997 with the California AIDS Rides and she’s been a member of VICC since the very beginning. Her proudest cycling achievement was climbing up and over Montana’s Going to the Sun road and cycling the circumference of the big island of Hawaii. She also recently swam 3.7 miles from KP Hole to Swampy’s on the Rainbow River. As a graphic designer and avid photographer she is excited to be the “tomorrow we rides” Facebook post person. Please be sure to send her your photos.

Tom Williams

Charitable Outreach Director

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. I am a three year Florida resident, and two year VI member. I came to Florida, to work, live life and enjoy. I am a lifelong cyclist, and athletic participant in various guises, and love the year round opportunities to ride here. I look forward to helping the board and club in any way I can.

Rich Garrett

Bike advocate

Saving one life at a time